SITElines.2016: New Perspectives on Art of the Americas


SITE Santa Fe presents SITElines.2016: New Perspectives on Art of the Americas
Opening in July, this exhibition, en
titled much wider than a line, is part of SITE’s ongoing biennial series with a focus on Contemporary Art from the Americas

This exhibition is the second installment in SITE Santa Fe’s reimagined biennial series with a focus on contemporary art from the Americas and features 35 artists from 16 countries and 11 new commissions organized around intersecting ideas brought together by a team of five curators−Rocío Aranda-Alvarado, Kathleen Ash-Milby, Pip Day, Pablo León de la Barra, and Kiki Mazzucchelli.

This year’s biennial, entitled much wider than a line, is an articulation of the interconnectedness of the Americas and various shared experiences such as the recognition of colonial legacies, expressions of the vernacular, the influence of indigenous understandings, and our relationship to the land.

Participating artists included:

Carla Fernández (b.1973 Saltillo, Mexico, lives in Mexico City)

Jeffrey Gibson (b. 1972 Colorado; lives in Hudson, New York)

Jorge González (b. 1981 San Juan, Puerto Rico; lives in San Juan) 

Graciela Iturbide (b. 1942 Mexico City; lives in Mexico City)

Sonya Kelliher-Combs (b. 1969 Bethel, Alaska; lives in Anchorage, Alaska)

Zacharias Kunuk (b. 1957 in Kapuivik, Nunavut, Canada; lives in Igloolik, Nunavut, Canada)

David Lamelas (b. 1946 in Buenos Aires; lives in Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, and Paris)

Cildo Meireles (b. 1948 in Rio de Janeiro; lives in Rio de Janeiro)

Marta Minujin (b. 1943 Buenos Aires, lives in Buenos Aires) 

Paulo Nazareth (b. 1977 Governador Valadares, Brazil; lives in favela do Palmital in Santa Luzia, Belo Horizonte)

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