#LatinsInVogue: The Barefoot Designer


In an exclusive visit, Carla Fernández talks to Vogue Mexico and Latin America about her work in the exhibition “The Barefoot Designer: A Workshop to Unlearn”.


To show at Museo Jumex implies a great achievement for the Mexican designer: “It’s one of the most important spaces for contemporary art in Mexico, and the fact they picked us as fashion designers that work with Mexican craft speaks very well of the curatorial program, because it has to do with how you approach art from other disciplines. Many times we believe art is only a painting, a sculpture or a performance, and everytime there’s more curators and artists involved with different mediums of art that have more to do with community, everyday garments, design or the way to express those motivations you’re interested in and, from our end, it’s the garment as the first language“.

Read the full article in Vogue Mexico and Latin America, here.