Interview for El País: “Chiapas is equally elegant as Balenciaga”


“Our haute couture is located in the mountains”, says Carla at Museo Jumex in Mexico City, which until May 15th is exhibiting her designs (clothing that is art) made in collaboration with artisans from indigenous communities: “They’re extremely kind and tremendously creative. Everything they do is well made, and that’s a lot coming fron the urban world, where everything is resolved quickly”, comments Fernández, with a simple gray dress and shoes made of a “leather I can’t recall right now”.


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Her brand is a combination of good taste and economic and social audacity. Her work with indigenous weavers from different parts of Mexico tries to not only create beautiful clothing with the traditional indigenous knowledges, but also to merchandise that knowledge: “Among other things, in the workshops we teach ladies to charge for their work”. Fernández and her partners don’t usually share a language (she speaks Spanish; they speak Tzotzil or Tzetzal or Mixteco) but they understand each other, as good artists of the hand work, in a language luck of mimics and intuition.

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All Photographs by Daniel Villa from El País.