Interview by The Rage


THE RAGE: In your own words, who are you and what do you do?

CARLA FERNÁNDEZ: I’m Carla, I do clothing, I’m a fashion designer and entrepreneur.

TR: What is the essence of the brand?

CF: We have a slogan: The future is handmade; we like this artisanal side but with views to the future. Our garments are geometric, we base ourselves in traditional Mexican dressing without stepping away from being sexy. Our pieces are for men and women who are interested in a very specific fashion point of view; we don’t follow trends, we create our own.

TR: When was the brand born?

CF: We’ve been making clothing and investigating the work with communities since the year 2000, but before that we started investigating how to implement the indigenous garments into fashion design.

TR: Which indigenous communities do you work with?

CF: In Chiapas with Chenaló, Santa Marta, San Juan Chamula, San Juan Cancuc; in Oaxaca we’re working with Mixteca Baja; in Guerrero with Xochistlahuaca; in Hidalgo with Otomi women from Nante; State of Mexico with rebozo artisans and people who work on wood; Puebla with Hueyapan and San Pablito Pahuatlán; in Mexico City with fringes artisans and charros; and with Nahuas from Tlaxcala. We still have to work with communities from the north, it’s just more complicated.

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