Fashion in Resistance: We went to the #WomensMarch in Washington


We’re proud of our participation in the #WomensMarch movement, in Washington D.C. this past January 22nd, where we had the fortune of concurring with hundreds of intelligent, brave, strong women who like us raised their voice with the objective of defending our rights, security and human integrity.

Woman’s march Washington #modaenresistencia

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We marched for the gender equality we yearn and that has been fought over for so long. “Fashion in Resistance” was how we named the way we expressed and identified in the march, using art, fashion and our work as a medium to communicate our protests, convictions and ideals.

#womensmarch #modaenresistencia #latingaze 📷 @franbeltran #iDlatam #iDMexico

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We marched because it’s 2017 and women are still in the battle to achieve less regulations for their reproductive organs than weapons; and just like thousands of women of different cultures and nationalities we demand our rights not to be put aside.

We were one same voice that was heard around the world, through social media this movement trascended and was heard; we saw the response and restlessness of all those women who somehow have shown their support.

Marchando ahora en Washington D.C.

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We believe it’s time to value the work of all the women who, on their daily work, seek to make this world a better place for ourselves and for future generations, facing adversity and challenges.
Cover image by Francesca Beltran for i-D México