El Rebozo – Made in Mexico


This summer more than 50 000 people came to see the exhibition El Rebozo – Made in México displayed at the Franz Mayer Museum. Rebozo was – and still continues to be – an emblem of the Mexican identity. The garment is the result of the merge of cultures and styles, which represent the Mexican weaving tradition, established hundreds of years before imported goods came to the country. Nowadays, rebozo is seen as a symbol of national identity.

The exhibition has celebrated this relation between art and society with the help of British and Mexican artists. From our part we displayed the Rebozo Calamity Coat and the Chenalho Barragan, which represent a modern vision of the traditional garment.


Those of you who missed the wonderful exhibition will still have the chance to see it. El Rebozo – Made in Mexico will soon be displayed in the Textile Museum of Oaxaca.