#EarthDay: The Community of Hueyapan and Dyeing with Flowers


“Pecan is the dye we use the most. It gives a brown color in many tones, dye bath after bath: with this first bath it’s a dark brown, almost black, but by the last bath it’s a light beige. Cempazuchitl flowers give several shades of yellow; green comes from Tezuath, a plant that grows in this region. We also use the bark of the Varangola tree that gives a copper color and the cochineal that gives us red…”


In this video: Betty Martínez, from the community of Hueyapan, Puebla
Print design: Luisa Azevedo
Filming: Athziri Magaña, from the Carla Fernández Team
Video Editing: Javier Velázquez
Taken with iPhone 7 Plus