#EarthDay: Foldings Dyed Naturally with Indigo


Part of the “Dances and Ceremonies” Spring Summer 2017 collection was created in collaboration with artisans from Hueyapan, Puebla, where we created a visual game through the Japanese folding technique of “shibori”. The result is a pattern in which the presence of the dye appears in a camouflage of colors.

The benefits artisans obtain by dyeing their own fabric are plenty, including being able to construct a wider palette of original colors, beautiful and exclusive, and with an ecological character. The dyeing with Añil (indigo) is of local origin, and it generates a process ecologically.

In the video: Dye artisans from the group “Mujeres Conservando Raíces” (Women Conserving Roots), from the community of Hueyapan, Puebla.
Camera: Athziri Magaña, from the Carla Fernández Team.
Video Editing: Javier Velázquez
Taken with iPhone 7 Plus