Dances and Ceremonies: SS17 Show at The O.P.E.N. Singapore


In Dances And Ceremonies, Fernández puts together the craft and ideas of 11 different indigenous and Mestizo tribes around Mexico. She explores the numerous festivals in the Mexican calendar celebrated by neighbourhoods and communities, which are marked by unique religious rituals and beautifully thought-out costumes. Expect a completely immersive sensory experience of her country’s culture – native art is woven into the moving tapestry of the event through five carved totem sculptures. Instead of the usual catwalk, dancers and models perform a unique, specially-created choreography. You can appreciate the beauty of the handwork, the rustle of the skirts and the sheen of the light upon the fabric. 

Presented at Singapore International Festival of Arts’ “The O.P.E.N.”, June 30th 2016.
For more information on the performance, visit SIFA’s official website here.
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