Carla Fernández #Yasomosempresab



We are very proud to announce our certification as an Empresa B. We are also excited to continue implementing improvements in each of our four axes. Sistema Bwill be our guide to keep building the company we dream of being, and we share our pride in having joined this global community of businesses that strive to be the best FOR the world, nos just IN the world.

As a company, we seek spaces that allow us to reflect on what we do, how we do it and how we could be better. We have written a manifesto that expresses what we believe to our collaborators and our clients, but we know there can be a wide breach between believing and doing—one that widens when one tries to do according to best practices.

We have been looking for a compass to guide us as we continue on a path towards the best practices in all areas of our business, from our relationship with artisans to our relationship among our own team.

Fortunately, in the summer of 2017 we participated in Agora Partnerships’ social business accelerator.  There, in addition to meeting many admirable entrepreneurs and advisors, many of whom convinced us that together we can create different and better realities, we got to know the team of Sistema B.

Sistema B is an organization born from the objective to “redefine the meaning of success in business,” promoting an economy in which success is measured by the well-being of people, of societies and of the natural world.

Sistema B is an ally of B Lab, a non-profit organization that has created an impact evaluation for companies seeking to be certified. They review the company’s purpose and business model via four principal axes: Government, Workers, Community and Environment.

To seek B Certification implies that a company is “committed in a personal, institutional and legal way to make decisions that consider the long-term consequences of any actions on the community and the environment.”