The Spring Summer 2017 Campaign by Ramiro Chaves

The rituals of healing and shamanism, the dances and ceremonies of the indigenous communities with whom we work are at the center of this collection.



Fashion has the power to transform. In Mexico, the way we dress is not only for adornment: A piece of clothing is more than an accessory to make you look good, it’s a way of acquiring other strengths, other traits—a ritual transformation. The ancestral purposes of clothing are still present in different indigenous communities. A dress protects you not only from the cold, but from external forces, such as the evil eye or envy.  It is the powerful element that stands out in dances and ceremonies. In the ritual costumes of some communities we find motifs such as the spots of the jaguar, or its teeth—whoever wears them will acquire the jaguar’s strength. In the carnivals of Pisaflores, Veracruz, thanks to this very act of dressing the devils and the dead come to visit their family and friends.  

The collection is designed for dance. The dresses are instruments that the body touches as it moves: the colored ribbons come alive and the metal fringe marks its own rhythm.  These are the very sounds of the carnival of Sahuayo, Michocán, that invoke the rain, or those ringing out during the healing dances of North America’s indigenous Pow Wow. The pre-Hispanic spirits, cut from amate paper made in San Pablito Pahuatlán, are also an offering to the earth to procure good harvests; these figures occur throughout the pieces of the collection.

In accordance with the spirit of dance, innovation, offering and festivity, the show of the 2017 Spring-Summer collection was not a runway walk but a choreography, created and interpreted by the dancers Silas Riener and Rashaun Mitchell.

The Campaign: Spring Summer 2017
Ramiro Chaves
“I consider myself one more particle among all those that make up Carla Fernández. Collaborating with the brand has been and is a transformative life experience, for many reasons. For me, this has been a school to discover Mexico in the deepest way”.The work of Ramiro Chaves goes well beyond photography. Ramiro is our eyes: the eyes of designers, artisans and all of those who collaborate with the brand. In addition to being a great artist and photographer, his work has been critical to bring forth the stories behind every design and artisan process. Ramiro shows the link between past and future that characterizes our brand, as can be seen in the fashion films and photographs for our campaigns that we have made together.My intention, with the photos from Singapore, was to create a new world for Carla’s clothes. I wanted to take advantage of the space, which seems so far from the context of Mexico, to create a new imagination: images in which the backgrounds served as Baroque theatrical stages in which the dreaminess, humor, delirium, color and beauty of the East could blend together and transport to other universes the language of the designs of Carla Fernandez.During these five years of collaboration, we have made 20 videos with Ramiro, which we film in the communities where we work, in which each piece’s process is shown. We are interested in our clients becoming collectors: a piece of clothing becomes relevant when we know its origen. Ramiro, through his lens, shows who made each piece, how and where; upon seeing the faces, hands, places and materials, its value as a collectible piece becomes evident immediately.
The collection “Dances and Ceremonies: Spring Summer 2017” will be available in stores on March 13th