The Barefoot Designer: A Handbook (2014)


It is hip to be square. That’s what Carla Fernández shows us with her intricate fashion designs that mix the contemporary with traditional Mexican patterning techniques. The latter mostly stem from pre-colonial Mayan and Aztec practices. And as multifaceted and diverse as they are, all come down to one single denominator: strict geometry where everything is based on the Square Root. So, rectangles, triangles and squares galore!

Fernández acquired a passion for fashion at an early age and ravished onlookers with her talent for combining thrift-shop finds with Aztec gems. She got to know a lot of indigenous textile cultures at a very young age, travelling with her father – the museum director of the National Institute of Anthropology and History – throughout the country. Over the course of her Art History and Fashion Design studies, Fernández worked in the archives of the National Textile Museum and unravelled the patterns of the historical garments by drawing out all the seams by hand with a pencil.