Fashioning Fabrics: Contemporary Textiles in Fashion (2006)


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While it may at first seem obvious that textiles have a central role in fashion design, often the use of fabric is not discussed in its own right, but is seen merely as a material with which a designer can execute their vision. “Fashioning Fabrics” seeks to redress this (as it were). This book investigates the variety of ways in which textiles are used by fashion designers, focusing on those for whom textiles are a central part of their practice. From Issey Miyake’s sculptural pleats to Jessica Ogden’s salvaged and reworked vintage fabrics, “Fashioning Fabrics” explores the experimental, the beautiful and the extravagant in textile and fashion design. Written by Sandy Black, author of “Knitwear in Fashion”, and Elyssa Da Cruz, author of “WILD: Fashion Untamed”, the book centres around profiles of iconic designers as well as emerging talent concentrating on each designers’ work in relation to the areas of surface, print, knit and form. “Fashioning Fabrics” traces a history of the innovations and passion for textiles that runs through many designers’ work – from colourful patterns to the use of cutting edge technology, forming an essential study for those interested in fashion, textiles and design.