We wanted to have a very special collaboration to represent in our designs and in a current way, the art of facial adornment of the indigenous cultures of America. We decided to resort to a trade that is being lost in the era of digitalization: the signpost. In Mexico and more so in the historic district of the capital city, where our fashion workshop is located, signposts were made for shops, bakeries and even the propaganda for “sonidero music” (street music and bands) was painted on the walls of vacant lots. Signpost artists draw by hand on anything and for any occasion.

With the Chiapanecan weaves from San Juan Cancúc, we realized that we were facing a mathematical and binary exercise; the beginning of the computer: some zeros and ones. This collection is characterized by the fabrics woven in backstrap loom and the brocades with the characteristic geometry from San Juan Cancún, Chiapas.

View the collection: Spring / Summer 2018