The Charros are the cowboys of Mexico. Their costumes are made by skilled tailors, artisans and fretwork cutting artists that saw and hand-draw leather decorating garments. These leather patches have the function of protecting the fabric from the ropes tying when cattle is hooked, that way the leather will receive the impact and the fabric will not tear.

The drawings on the leather are a mixture of baroque and pre-Hispanic images. Our designs combine these two sides of Mexico, plus a futuristic one reinvented every season.

At first it was a difficult collaboration since the code of honor of the Charros prohibits the confection of male suits for women. Gradually we gained their trust and we have been working with them for over 8 years, now specifically with the workshop of Don Fidel Martínez.

The image of the Charro and its suit symbolize for many the masculinity of the Mexican man. For us it symbolizes unisex masculinity of who carries it.